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Track Your Order

For customers who chose FREE shipping options, we might not have a tracking number available, depending which part of the world we're shipping you the item from. Also, please note that some of our tracking numbers come with a delay, usually of about 72 hours or 2-3 working days.

We recommend using the following site to check on global tracking information for most tracking numbers not just us, but anyone provides you:

Tracking More

Tips to get your items in guaranteed time:

  • Make sure you provide your full name and full address
  • Include region and exact postcode to your city/state/street

What happens after purchase/FAQ

How long to my order being processed?

Our goal is to get you your correct ordered item as soon as possible. For that to happen, please make sure you selected the right color and right combination as we're unable to modify orders once they are placed and paid and there's a very small change we're able to change any of the above specifications. We work side by side with partner companies who receive the orders as soon as they are paid, means by the time you write us, your order might already be processed or even shipped.

With that said, we process and ship orders within 24 hours of payment confirmation. We strive not to disrupt this even in case of a holiday, so instead you get your items on time! Please understand that peak periods might still influence the processing time of your items.

Will I get a shipping confirmation?

Of course, all orders will receive a shipping confirmation. Once the item(s) have been processed and shipped, you will receive an email with all the information you need such as delivery times (approximate), tracking number(s) if available and a general summary of your order.

Please note that customers are responsible for custom duties and taxes for all international orders. This usually doesn't affect such a simple things as a backpack though, so no need to worry about it in advance. If you do need to handle it, you'll probably need to send your payment receipt/invoice to the customs department of your country upon receiving an official notification about the package's arrival.

Tracking information

You as the receiver are ultimately responsible to track the item's whereabouts, submit necessary documents (if requested) to the customs department or post office. In case a product is returned because of incorrect or incomplete address, or because of the customer not cooperating with the customs regarding their package, Backpack Secure can't be held responsible and we won't be able to refund or replace that order for you. Please make sure you give us the correct address, track the item and always respond to the courier with the requested information.

Delivery times

One of the most common reasons items are delayed is because of the packages being held by customs and awaiting your cooperation to clear the item with the courier and get it to your doorstep. So in order to make sure this causes no issue, always be on alert when tracking tells you the item arrived to customs in your country.

We have no control over who delivers your package ultimately. Most of the time it will be your local post office, and occasionally, in case of larger orders or Express shipping, a local courier will take the job. If you are not home during the attempted delivery, the common practice is you will receive a notice from the post office about future attempts of delivery or listing you the ways on how to collect the package on your own from the post office/warehouse.

About Cancellations/Changes

In case you made a mistake, chose the wrong color or the wrong combo, please contact us immediately. We work with a very streamlined process when taking orders and it's possible your order will be packed and shipped faster than you can contact us!

Can I cancel/change a shipped order?

No, you cannot. This should speak for itself, but since the order has been processed and the item is shipped, we simply don't have it any more, so we're unable to change anything. Once your order is shipped, there is no possibility for further changes, cancellations or refunds.

Will I be charged Customs/Taxes?

All prices on our website are displayed in EUR and have no additional taxes or fees attached to them. Basically what you see is what you get.

However: we don't have any influence on amounts or item types your country starts charging taxes for. In case Customs stops your package at the border and deems it necessary to ask you for additional documents or information, please make sure you cooperate with them in a timely manner. In this case, even if they discover you don't need to pay taxes because your item is not expensive enough to quality, they might still charge you a nominal amount for handling your case. This and any other customs and taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer.

We also can't be responsible for any delays caused by the customs offices holding your packages for verification or taxing purposes. For further details on times and charges please contact your local customs offices.

How do I get free shipping?

All orders that reach a certain total amount are eligible for free shipping. Please note that if the items are discounted, only the sale price is considered for the free shipping, not the original.

Occasionally we run a promo to offer Global Free Shipping for all items, please pay attention to our notification bar at the top of the page.

How can I get a discount?

There are several ways we offer various discounts to our loyal or new customers. As mentioned earlier, pay attention to our promo bar on the top of our page to learn about these.

A few examples on how you can get a discount:

  • Free shipping promos
  • Order combo items
  • Earn vouchers by subscribing to our mailing list (to receive even more discount opportunities)
  • Occasional promos that offer a discount when you order more than 2-3 items at a time.