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The World Bag

  • The independent position is designed for shoes, you can put dirty clothes and shoes after exercise or on the road. This will prevent other items from getting dirty.
  • This bag can be hung on the suitcase when you are traveling. As the suitcase rolls together, you don't have to bear a lot of weight. This is thanks to our extra strap design at the back.
  • Customs friendly password lock. When the checked baggage passes the customs inspection, the bag that cannot be opened will be forcibly opened. Our bags have TSA customs locks and will be treated friendly.
  • Anti-theft password lock, avoid being stolen when you are tired or when you are away
  • Headphones and USB charging port design, now it is almost all the bags have, if your backpack does not, just change a new one
  • There are insulated bags on the side, and when you are on a hot journey, the ice water inside the cooler bag will bring you cool. Other products are not available
  • The close-fitting zip pocket is on the back, and your confidential or important documents are placed close to your body for safety. Of course, this is a large-capacity backpack. We have all the common features that other backpacks have, so we will not list them one by one.
  • Our bags are made of high-quality leather fabric for sturdiness and dirt resistance. Other oxford and polyester bags are cheap and inferior, which quickly become dirty and cracked during use. In fact, the bag has been made of leather since history.